Technology Consulting

In the realm of technology, the right guidance can be the difference between success and stagnation. Our Technology Consulting services provide you with access to unparalleled expertise in areas like cloud-native solutions, AI/ML, cybersecurity, and distributed systems. We don’t just advise; we collaborate, working closely with your team to review, refine, and enhance your technology strategies. Our consultants are more than problem-solvers; they are your partners in innovation, helping you navigate complex technology landscapes and ensuring that your projects are executed with foresight and expertise.

Our Process


Initial Assessment and Goal Setting

The process starts with an assessment of your current technology stack and processes. We set clear goals for what you wish to achieve with our consultation.


Customized Advisory Services

Based on the initial assessment, we provide tailored advisory services. This could range from specific technology recommendations to broader strategic advice on technology adoption.


Implementation and Collaboration

Our consultants work alongside your team to implement the recommendations. We focus on a collaborative approach, ensuring that your team is actively involved and informed throughout the process.


Review, Feedback, and Iterative Improvement

The process is iterative, with regular reviews and feedback sessions. This allows for continuous improvement and ensures that the consulting services remain aligned with your evolving needs.


Threat-Hunting and Security Operations Center Platform

Ziverge made pivotal contributions in both design and development aspects, focusing on creating a scalable and efficient cybersecurity ingestion system.


In a comprehensive project, Ziverge dedicated itself to creating a scalable ingestion system designed for cybersecurity applications. This system, built using cutting-edge technologies like Scala, ZIO, Spark, Kubernetes, and Terraform, was tailored to handle large-scale, real-time data processing and analysis. The focus was on efficient data streaming, non-blocking I/O operations, and robust deployment strategies, all of which were key to enhancing threat hunting capabilities within a cybersecurity context.


The cybersecurity domain is challenged by the need to process large and continuously growing volumes of data efficiently and securely. The primary problem Ziverge aimed to solve was building a system capable of real-time data ingestion and analysis, crucial for timely threat detection and response. This task was complex, involving the integration of various technologies to handle streaming data from diverse sources and ensure scalability, reliability, and real-time processing capabilities.


Ziverge’s solution revolved around the strategic use of Scala for its functional programming strengths, combined with ZIO for efficient asynchronous and concurrent processing. The team optimized Apache Spark Streaming to enhance its performance with object store sources like Amazon S3, ensuring effective handling of distributed data. Kubernetes and Terraform were deployed for streamlined container orchestration and infrastructure management, contributing to the system’s scalability and fault tolerance. Furthermore, the team developed sophisticated algorithms and models for real-time data analysis, vital for detecting threats and anomalies in cybersecurity.


The results were significant, with the system demonstrating enhanced capability in handling large-scale data streams and providing real-time insights for threat detection. The scalability and reliability achieved through this project enabled the platform to adapt to growing data demands, ensuring continuous operational efficiency. From a business perspective, these advancements in cybersecurity data processing and analysis offered a competitive edge, showcasing Ziverge's ability to deliver high-performing, scalable solutions in a demanding and rapidly evolving technological landscape. This success story enhances Ziverge’s market reputation as a leader in providing state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions.

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