Digital Transformation

The future of business is digital, and our Digital Transformation services are designed to place you at the forefront of this evolution. We help you leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver unprecedented value to your customers. Our holistic approach to transformation and modernization encompasses not just technology, but also the people and processes that drive your business. Whether it's migrating to cloud services, implementing AI and ML solutions, or streamlining your operations, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your digital journey is smooth, scalable, and impactful.

Our Process


Discovery and Strategy Workshop

The process begins with a comprehensive discovery phase, where we assess your current digital landscape. We then conduct strategy workshops to define the transformation roadmap that aligns with your business objectives.


Implementation Planning

Based on the strategy, we develop a detailed implementation plan. This includes identifying the right technologies, setting milestones, and planning for minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.


Execution and Monitoring

Our team works closely with yours to execute the plan, ensuring that each stage of the transformation is carried out efficiently. We monitor progress and performance, making adjustments as necessary.


Training and Empowerment

Post-implementation, we focus on training your staff and transferring knowledge. This ensures your team is well-equipped to leverage the new digital tools and processes effectively.


Banking Modernization


Ziverge successfully collaborated with a leading financial services provider to modernize their core banking infrastructure. The project involved transitioning from a legacy system to a next-generation solution capable of processing over a billion transactions daily. The focus areas included enhancing performance and scalability, ensuring transparency and auditability, building resiliency against failures and malicious attacks, implementing a domain-specific language for financial transactions, and upskilling the engineering team for proficiency in Scala.


The financial services sector faces immense challenges in handling vast transaction volumes while meeting stringent regulatory requirements. The client’s existing legacy system was inadequate for the growing demands of modern banking, lacking the necessary scalability, transparency, and resilience. Ziverge was tasked with overhauling this system to not only manage the high volume of transactions but also to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and adaptability to future banking needs.


The solution involved architecting a system with high throughput, capable of efficiently sharding transaction processing. This was achieved using advanced technologies and methodologies, including event sourcing for resilience and a domain-specific language that allowed business users to define financial products without requiring additional coding from developers. A significant part of the project was also dedicated to transitioning the client's engineering team from Java to Scala, ensuring a unified and more efficient development approach.


The outcome of Ziverge’s intervention was a state-of-the-art banking system that not only met but exceeded the initial requirements. The new infrastructure could handle over a billion transactions daily with enhanced performance and scalability. The system’s transparency and auditability features ensured full compliance with regulatory standards, and its resilience guaranteed robustness against various failure scenarios. The successful transition to Scala significantly reduced bugs and improved overall productivity. For a business executive, these advancements meant not just keeping pace with the evolving financial landscape but setting new standards in banking efficiency, reliability, and regulatory compliance, positioning them as a leader in the financial services industry.

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